2 thoughts on “Staten Island

  1. When this azzhat has the brass to remark the, “o nooo’s we’re gonna hear about Katrina AGAIN” I want to seriously put some hurt on him.

    When you predicted the up-coming effects on the truly poor in your article written before Sandy arrived, I’m ashamed to say it again,truly opened my eye’s to what they faced,ie, possible starvation, major illness, even death…., which would mimic exactly what they faced after Katrina. I’m from the south-east coast of Fl., a small, poor town [Lake Worth] just 2 miles from Rush the Hut, and the recollection of bullets dodged that struck others [Andrew, Katrina, Irene] brought tears to my eye’s, along with the certainty that the aftermath would be [for the 1%], cheap land and gentrification.
    Phuk the system and those that enable it to continue.

    John S.
    Lake Worth, Fl.

  2. after reading your most recent article, about the neighbors who wouldn’t help, my heart doesn’t go out to them as much.

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