Gas bag Karl Rove deflated on Fox News

The gas bag called Karl Rove, an “analyst” for Fox News, looked to be on the verge of exploding last night. President Barack Obama had just been declared the victor in Ohio — even by Fox News — which meant that he had won re-election. Rove insisted that the Ohio call was premature, and he spent much of the next hour trying to convince his fellow talking heads that returns from the final precincts could still put Mitt Romney over the top in Ohio.

The gas bag gradually deflated before viewers’ eyes as reality kicked in and he realized his arsenal of dirty tricks and the record sums he helped raise hadn’t won the day for Romney.

While discussing the matter with and without Rove, Chris Wallace and the gang didn’t mention the possible connection between Rove’s obstinacy and the fact that he was the driving force behind Republican efforts to buy the election. What a surprise. This would have raised embarrassing questions about their own credibility — questions such as what the hell are you doing on the same stage with this guy?

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6 thoughts on “Gas bag Karl Rove deflated on Fox News

  1. Quite possibly Rove was waiting for the tabulation fraud to kick in.
    My question is, why didn’t it? All the mechanics were in place. Were the Repubs concerned that too many people knew about it this time, and that they might eventually get caught, especially with a Demo DOJ? (Unlike 2004.)

  2. Izquierdo – that was exactly my thought. Perhaps if they had tested their “fix” they’d have known it didn’t work.

  3. I’ve always thought the Rove genius meme was overblown. Romney bet the farm in Ohio during the closing week that he could attack on the bailout, Obama’s long suit. Pursuant to Rove’s “wisdom”, Romney spent all that money and effort on Obama’s ground and never moved the needle. Forget Sandy, the Jeep issue was pure self immolation.

  4. Rove’s a crook to begin with. I see no reason for him to do anything but what he did on national tee vee—-i.e., make a total ass of himself as he did last night. Maybe he was sweating because of all the dough he talked the billionaires out of, but the Titanic was sinking regardless. Turd Blossom may have to go sell vacuum cleaners after this fraud.

  5. He lost big here in CA where Prop 32 went down to defeat. Prop 32 was marketed as getting special interests out of politics, but was mainly a device to strip unions of any power. He and his buddies spent a fortune on obfuscation and outright deceit, but the voters saw through it.

    I think the Republican Party is just about obsolete. There simply aren’t enough old white religious bigoted folk left. (And you have to be all of those things to qualify.) Now if only the Dems heed the very clear message. Unfortunately, that’s a pretty big if.

  6. During that Roveian meltdown Megyn Kelly let the cat out of the bag. “Karl, you know the game,” she said speaking to Rove about why Ohio had been called. “They know the counties and they know the ‘expected’ outcomes.” She immediately realized her mistake and tried to correct herself. But it was too late. That dear reader is how we elect the president of these United States. The “outcomes are expected.” In simpler terms, they are engineered. Which is why Greece is exploding and the politicians are pushing through austerity measures anyway. Can you say government of, by, and for the plutocratic oligarchy?

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