Is the Medicare age safe?

Greg Sargent:

What’s more, the reaction from Democrats and liberals alike has been swift. It doesn’t hurt that the Center for American Progress, which is allied with the White House, has been banging the drum very hard against an age hike, arguing that it could leave over 400,000 people uninsured and undermine a key goal of Obamacare. The idea has been clearly revealed as a non-starter for a great many Congressional Democrats. For many of them, the idea of taking Medicare benefits away from folks in their early 60s, as diseases set in and 65 is now within reach, is morally unconscionable. Congressional aides believe this message has been made very clear to the White House.

All of which is to say that kicking up a fuss about this has been a good thing. There’s every reason for people with strong feelings about it to continue making those feelings known until it has been officially taken off the table.

Yep. Remember all that strong statements about how “I won’t sign anything that doesn’t include a strong public option”? Don’t assume anything just yet.