3 thoughts on “Shame on you

  1. Since Repubs, Neocons, Tea Partiers, and other right-wingers think that all non-Israeli Middle Easterners are terrists, why do they pay any attention to someone with a name like Fareed Zakaria?

  2. It’s simple really, currency devaluation has far more equitable distribution than what our betters are prescribing as fixes. So far the only thing meaningfully on the table in the deficit machinations are Social Security (having no connection to the deficit other than having had its surpluses raided for thirty years) and Medicare. Any outcome of these budget manuevers will still put the current Defense Budget on the credit card, leave the hedge fund bracket intact, privilege capital gains, and wage cap Social Security contributions. The true measure of the urgency of our financial circumstances is described in that last sentence. If THEY are not ready to declare a truce in the class warfare equation, we shouldn’t give a tinker’s damn about deficits. Print money and roll merrily along!

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