3 thoughts on “‘A nation of casual cruelty’

  1. Charlie’s right as usual. Just to carry the point forward Geithner did the Administration’s bidding yesterday and overlayed the debt limit on the fiscal cliff timeline, placing that crisis in play on Monday. The debt limit is a fluid accounting measure that has considerable lattitude. Most recent projections have been out another two weeks to two months. Now it’s supposedly at hand. The Republicans have booted the cliff, so that “emergency” is lost. Just a few weeks ago Obama sternly pronounced that he would not be leveraged by the debt limit again. But it’s the new impasse that could cover an entitlement giveaway that the elites want. Let the faux piety begin anew!

  2. I liked the comment submitted which relayed the (paraphrased) thought ‘Dear Mr. Pierce, you write as though you feel betrayed by the lack of action on what clearly seemed to be the will of the electorate as evidenced by November’s vote. However, you can only be betrayed if the people you think are betraying you were ever on your side to begin with’.

  3. Isn’t Charlie darling one of those Obama Sycophants/courtiers finger-wagging at us progressives who refuse to STFU and vote for Obama?

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