Why your corporate media isn’t worth a goddamned thing

This IRS “scandal” is only a scandal because the media is giving it air. Something is not news simply because people are pushing it, but that’s the default position now. So all a wingnut has to do to get enough traction on a story is to insert it into the right-wing outrage machine, and it takes on a life of its own.

I really despise the corporate media for their inability to separate fact from fiction. When the Constitution thinks so highly of the ability of the press to act as a check against power, giving them special rights, and they don’t do their job, why the hell should I respect them?

3 thoughts on “Why your corporate media isn’t worth a goddamned thing

  1. The incliniation of the US MCM (Mainstream Corporate Media) to now go after just about every little thing the Repubs are hissy fitting about on Capital Hill is telling me that the Powers That Be are looking for a Repub president in order to fully consolidate all the gains they’ve made under Obama.

    Hillary was not acceptable to the banksters and other big bidness types back in 2008 because they could not trust her to show and enact proper consideration of their needs and objectives. Somehow I don’t think they want her in the WH in 2017 (given she would be willing to run).

  2. I haven’t had an ounce of respect for Our Corporate Owners propaganda arm for 20 years. Self-admitted spies and stooges for oppressors, is it any wonder that the first people shot in a military conflict have become the ‘press?’

  3. IRS scandal, Benghazi, etc., etc.
    Why don’t they cover what’s really significant?
    We are rapidly devolving into a banana republic.

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