What I did on my trip to California

You may be surprised to know that I was working on and advocating actual things while I was away.

1. A fairly effective strategy to ruin the hold the Tea Party has on the Republican party.
2. A program to help Progressive Caucus members be better on the issues.
3. A bargaining tactic to help the teachers unions and battle corruption.0
4. A tool to help poor parents stay more involved in their children’s education.

Once I get to the point where they’re ready to roll, I’ll tell you all about it.

3 thoughts on “What I did on my trip to California

  1. Sounds like you got a burst of inspiration. Let us know your conclusions. Don’t hurt yourself any more.

  2. The Tea Party is destroying the Republican Party. Why would we want to stop that process?

    As Carville likes to say, when your opponent is drowning, throw him an anvil.

  3. Because if the Republican party becomes irrelevant, Dems have even less of an incentive to move away from corporatism.

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