Big Pharma

Oh dear, who would believe such a thing?

CR Bard Inc. (BCR) sold vaginal-mesh devices made of a plastic that its manufacturer warned wasn’t suitable for human implantation, according to unsealed court records.

Managers at Bard’s Davol unit used a resin-based plastic made by a Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. unit to produce hernia-repair mesh after the material’s supplier officially registered a warning that it shouldn’t be permanently implanted in people, according to e-mails and documents in a lawsuit over Bard’s implants. Plaintiffs suing Bard contend the same mesh was used in some of Davol’s vaginal-mesh products.

In 2004 and 2007 e-mails filed in federal court in West Virginia, a Davol executive warned colleagues not to tell Chevron Phillips or other resin makers that the company was using the material in medical devices placed in humans.
Suppliers such as Chevron Phillips “will likely not be interested in a medical application due to product-liability concerns,” Roger Darois, the Davol executive, now a Bard vice president, said in a March 2004 e-mail. “It is likely they do not know of our implant application. Please do not mention Davol’s name in any discussion with these manufacturers.”

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  1. Tony “The Rat” Scalia: “There was arbitration language on the packaging. Class action status is denied because of differential damages. The FDA approval preempts state products liability law. Caveat emptor bitches! Case dismissed.”

  2. 13 years for chalk on a sidewalk; not one penny for lives and health ruined. I feel threatened. Can I stand my ground now? Can I appeal to my ‘second amendment remedies?’

  3. God almighty, Nelson Mandela has been “placed” on “life support”!
    What life? On whose orders?
    His wife’s?
    Or maybe everybody is just trying to delay the actual death until South Africa can arrange a hell of funeral-maybe bigger than Ghandi’s, Yes.
    That takes time. And money, His weddings were mostly hole and corner things, but his furneral (I hope) will be awesome.
    If he can just hang on until the arrangements are made.

  4. I had an inguinal hernia repair in four years ago, but it’s kind of hard to find out much about how widespread this issue is, and the news articles mostly only mention vaginal meshes. Luckily mine went well; I didn’t have complications and the pain has steadily diminished so that I rarely even have twinges anymore. But every time I try to google to find out what kind of mesh I rec’d, I come up with almost nothing. Just wondering how much I should be concerned.
    Seems like if there were other materials Bard could have used, why wouldn’t they have resorted to those instead of using something even the manufacturer banned from medical use? Other articles I read make it sound like just about any mesh I might have got in 2009 would have been a problem.
    I really got scared when I started getting emails about this issue, thinking maybe I was on a list of potential victims, but it looks like this has become just so common that the class action emails are giving viagra spam a run for its money.

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