2 thoughts on “Here comes the rain again

  1. Local weather people on TV are more and more talking about NYC and environs currently having a “Florida weather pattern”: heavy moisture in the atmosphere so high humidity, clashes of low and high pressure systems producing spot thunder storms, highly unpredictable where, but usually in the late afternoon and early evening.

    This is not the weather pattern I grew up with in the Midwest nor what I’ve grown used to here in nothern NJ suboonia. But it does fit the patterns climate change computer models predicted.

    I do not enjoy never having a day when you know the weather will be dry and sunny. I wanted to refinish my deck this year (well, when my back surgery is done and I can do the work involved…), but that requires letting the deck dry to X percentage of moisture content for the stain to take well. Nahgahappen if this weather pattern continues.

    Fortunately, so far, there have been few heat waves (three or more days of temps in the 90’s or above), and it’s bearable so far. I’m using fans but haven’t had to turn on the AC. Which I can’t afford to use. But…with heat waves, the internal temps in the house become, well, unbearable.

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