2 thoughts on “Hasten down the wind

  1. I waited, but noone else seems to have risen to the challenge…

    The much-missed Warren Zevon.

    Met him at Tower Classical on Sunset in LA, going through the Mahler bins. (His hair *was* perfect.)

    If anyone has the remotest love for Zevon, but never heard his underrated masterpiece, “The Envoy”, you can probably get it on Amazon for pennies used. And you’ll be a thousand times richer for it. Actually, as Susie’s proven with her three-fer, almost anything you can find with the name Warren Zevon on it is worth the listen. Or go watch the YouTubes when he was on Letterman.


  2. I’m almost done reading “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead,” the biography written by his ex-wife. And he was OCD, to boot!

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