The bag man

The fact that they’ve picked Louie Freeh proves they don’t want a real investigation. In this case, he will find whatever BP wants him to find:

(Reuters) – Former FBI Director Louis Freeh will investigate possible misconduct by a lawyer involved in making payments to settle claims by people and businesses affected by the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, the judge in the spill damages case said on Tuesday.

Freeh, who recently stepped down as trustee for collapsed brokerage MF Global Holdings Ltd and previously led an internal investigation into the Penn State University sex abuse scandal, was named a “special master” by Judge Carl Barbier, who is hearing the civil case over the spill in New Orleans federal court.

BP had called for an independent inquiry into an allegation that a lawyer working for the administrator of the payments had referred claims to a New Orleans law firm in exchange for a share of subsequent settlement payments.

One thought on “The bag man

  1. Since we’re talking about corruption and public officials. On November 22, 1989 Kuwaiti officials and the CIA held a secret meeting. (Who says the CIA doesn’t run our foreign policy?) A secret memo from that meeting read in part, “We agreed with the American side that it is important to take advantage of the deteriorting economic situation in Iraq (resulting from the sanctions) in order to put pressure on that country’s government to delineate our common borders. The CIA gave us its view of appropriate means of pressure…..” Eight months later (ample time to formulate a battle plan) on August 22, 1990 the Gulf War began. The rulers of Kuwait left the country shortly before the war broke out and spent their time in a five-star Saudi hotel. Before leaving they told King Hussein of Jordan, “If Saddam comes across the border let him come, the Americans will get him out.”

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