One thought on “I’m in love with a girl

  1. Musicland (yukky chain record store), Ann Arbor, MI, summer of 1974. Big Star’s “Radio City” album (from whence this perfect song comes) in a bargain bin for 33¢.

    And then I was in love with a band. (Went back and got “#1 Record” for 33¢ in the same bargain bin a few days later.)

    (I’m gagging to see the movie, but I’m gonna wait for the DVD/Blu-ray. Going to see movies at the theater in Hollywood’s an exercise in not wanting to commit mass murder, with iPhones everywhere and absurd ticket prices, but primarily cuz I’ve got a big flatscreen and a good stereo and best of all, a remote control to rewind to whatever sublime thing I want to watch again. Not to mention the extra features that I’m sure will be on it.)

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