4 thoughts on “Whew

  1. On the large picture I agree with you, but those events outside your window are mostly weather. Minnesota is going through below average temps right now and average precipitation. Weather is itself cyclical.

  2. Weather is not climate, but changing climate does lead to changing weather.

    We’re living through it.

  3. Are we living through it though?
    In Europe, apparently 50% of butterflies are gone.
    Here in the US we have a severe bee die-off. And in case you haven’t heard about the ‘birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees’, well, without bees and their pollination….we’re not going to live through it. Let’s face it.
    Monsanto does its best in eliminating crop destroying bugs. In the mean time they’re also destroying the same ‘bugs’ that will start said crop.
    Monsanto is trying to create life without life. And they’re succeeding on the ‘without life’ part. Detrimental to all of most of life on Earth.
    Bugs? They’ll survive, no question.

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