2 thoughts on “The CIA and the media

  1. When did the Cold War end? What about present day goings on? Except for the Obama WH and the warmongers in both the Republican and Democratic Party (Pelosi, Boner, Cantor, etc.) the House would have voted yesterday to end the militaries (NSA) authority to spy on all of us. The vote was 217-205 against. Those 217 House members do not represent the 99%; 58% of the 99% says that it wants the military (NSA) out of the lives. Those 217 House members represent the 1%. But, all of that fancy, fascist rhetoric coming from the Right is no longer working.

  2. Remember this Bernstein story the next time someone tries to sell you the proposition that the comparisons to the East German Stazi are overblown in the discussion of domestic surveillance. The lesser evil is that “independent” journalists are assets operating abroad. The real purpose of that program was domestic propaganda management. The undisclosed embed results in slanting coverage and stacking opinion. Today’s captured journalism is the progeny. From my era, this goes a long way toward explaining the mainstream media’s shilling of the Vietnam war long past the point that the public had turned on it. Look how easy it made the sale of snake oil WMD claim to the American public in Iraq. Stazi journalism is alive and thriving.

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