Armed militia holding PA town hostage

Go read the whole thing. It’s pretty horrifying, and it’s also about what I expected from when this story first hit the news:

The town of Gilberton, Pennsylvania has a duty to protect all of its citizens first and foremost, and to ensure that all of it’s citizens are able to exercise their constitutional rights. Since Kessler also runs the police in Gilberton, who is there to arrest these militia members when they threaten and intimidate others citizens? Who is there to protect other members of society and ensure that their rights are being protected? How can citizens who hold political views that differ from those of Kessler and his group of gun-wielding bullies not feel terrorized in Gilberton? The Constitution Security Force web-site makes it clear that members will not hesitate to shoot people for expressing political views contradictory to their own.

It’s always interesting to note that right wing groups like these, even while calling themselves by names like the “Constitutional Security Force” have no desire to protect the constitutional rights of others and feel no guilt for trampling on the constitutional rights of others. They believe that preventing others from expressing their views is their right, even though the right to free speech and the right to live without fear of retaliation for political speech are fundamental principles of the Constitution. It’s not about the Constitution, it’s about political terrorism. It’s about suppressing the rights of everyone that disagrees with you, through violence and threats of violence.

If Gilberton borough council members cannot find the courage to stand up to these armed terrorists, the people of the community do have every right to sue their elected officials for failing to protect their constitutional rights. The moment those men with guns began blocking the doors to a public meeting, they should have been arrested. No-one in Gilberton seems to have the courage to arrest members of an organization which is operated by the Chief of Police, even when their actions are clearly illegal. Every citizen who was intimidated and harassed on August 1st, when trying to speak to the town council, should now band together and file charges against the police and council, both of which are refusing to uphold the constitutional rights of the general population.

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2 thoughts on “Armed militia holding PA town hostage

  1. Brown shirts. Who vote Republican when they vote. And are funded by the Koch brothers. These are hardcore Fascists. Supported by Cruz of Texas and those of his ilk.

  2. It’s time for the Governor to call out the National Guard to restore order and if he won’t do it, the President should declare martial law to restore order. Funded by the 1%, they have overthrown legitimate government by force of arms. We used to call that treason.

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