2 thoughts on “Honest reporting

  1. “details were either publicly known, having been reported by foreign news outlets, or were widely known in Washington media and government circles.” Apparently secrecy only applies to America and Americans. Could it be that . . . gasp! . . . secrecy only exists to manipulate American public opinion?

  2. Rubes on parade! The media is getting played like a fiddle. McClatchy’s source in Yemen is a CIA asset. The Times was asked to hold to give the leak to the Tribune reporter gravitas. They knew he would publish. There are two objectives. First every assurance they have offered us about the NSA surveillance as to scope and effectiveness is being proven a lie. So they claim to have hacked Zawahiri and disrupted a major attack. This IS about terrorism, see! It’s hard to figure whether they have more contempt for our gullibility or Ayman’s. Trust me, Zawahiri is not stupid enough to be panicked off the secure communication portal he currently occupies by this planted story. This may be a bluff directed at the ISI, but its bush league stuff.

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