Recovery for some

Not for all.

The problem is, Americans are not in the habit of risking even the little they have left in order to effect political change. And it’s not just for the street protests we see in every other country.

It is almost impossible to break through the mental barrier to get someone to pick up the phone and call an elected representative. I do it more than most, but there are plenty of times where I tell myself, “Oh, what’s the point?” What is this wall, and what can we do about it?

The American people, I think, are no longer in the habit of winning battles for our side. So they don’t even try. I know that feeling of despair, but it keeps us from changing anything.

Another thing is that our interests have been successfully fragmented by the politicians. When they first cut unemployment, many people thought, “Well, at least I still have it.” We do not see our interests as a whole, and that is toxic to the future of us all.

2 thoughts on “Recovery for some

  1. Whoever wrote this still believes in the political process. What a dope. Every elected official now holding public office should be voted out of office in 2014. Every single one of them. Our political process has been destroyed by the 1%.

  2. We need to have it be clear: there is no such thing as a “jobless recovery”. If there are no jobs there is no recovery.

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