4 thoughts on “What turns presidents into hard core defenders of the security state?

  1. Blackmail.
    Obama looked like a complete robot the other night on the teevee. Before, he was just a Manchurian candidate. Perhaps he’s finally seen that the CIA/NSA/whatever did not leave him even an ounce of autonomy (as they falsely promised back when he was first recruited at Occidental).
    Yes, that’s what I believe. Can I prove it? Of course not. But I know what I saw, and what I saw was a robot.

  2. At first glance, those seven explanations offered by the ACLU all seem reasonably plausible. Still, some of them degenerate pretty quickly into a version of “I’m the victim, here”. Especially the explanation about “institutional memory”, as in ‘well, the new guy is at the mercy of those who have been around for a while’.

    Nope. If you want to squander the resources and the environment of this country, you just do it. Did ‘institutional memory’ slow down James Watt or Anne Gorsuch Burford one iota?

    No sir.

    If you want to tear a program apart that you don’t like, you tear it apart. If you want to give it more priority, you give it more priority.

    Hence, regarding why the national security state keeps increasing in power and scope – the explanation is simple.

    Obama wants it that way.

    Plus, he’s seen the video, too.

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