Children and infants Tylenol

Did you know they sell two different formulas? Did you know if you use the wrong one, you can kill your kid?

UPDATE: As Noz points out in the comments, they finally fixed this in 2011. But they sold it like that for 15 years, knowing there was a problem.

2 thoughts on “Children and infants Tylenol

  1. I can’t access the link in this post, but my understanding is that this used to be true but isn’t anymore. According to the This American Life episode that aired this week, infant tylenol had about 3x the amount of aceteminaphen of children’s tylenol (on the theory that its hard to get an infant to swallow the medicine so you need to make the formula more concentrated so that only a smaller amount had to be fed to the kid to get the right dosage). After years of ODs because both parents and doctors got the two dosage charts mixed up, they now sell a single formula for kids. Although it is still marketed under two names–childrens tylenol and infant tylenol–the concentration of acetaminaphen is now the same. That change only happened fairly recently, I think around 2011.

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