One thought on “‘Not the end of the world’

  1. Hardliners on the Right like Kristol simply make shit up and cherry-pick the facts. For example after listening to Israel’s Netanyahu speak at the U.N. yesterday we can all agree that this hardline right wing Zionist is a crazy person. He said that, “Iran must dismantle its military nuclear program.” Also that “facts are a hard thing.” Here’s a fact: Israel has never signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty of 1970. Iran has. Here’s another fact: Israel has 300+ nuclear warheads in its arsenal. Iran has zero(0). And another fact: Iran said last week what it has said a hundred times before, “We do not want nor do we need nuclear weapons.” Israel has 300+ nuclear bombs. The facts that Netanyahu, the Israelis, and Kristol want us all to accept are their facts. Which sounds a lot like the way neo-con, warmongers Bush and Cheney operated.

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