So the white supremacists are rising in the new Ukraine

*Hint: When he says “degeneration,” he means homosexuality.

They’re hanging white power flags (including the Confederate flag) in Kiev’s City Hall (stop me if this sounds familiar: They hate Jews and gay people):

The head of the new defense council (their NSC) was a founder of Ukraine “Social Nationalist Party” & leader of its paramilitary unit. We also know now that the new Deputy PM & defense minister are Svoboda (the white supremacist/nationalist group and waiting for confirmation that they now control the cabinet posts of ecology, agriculture & prosecutor general.

Can the Ukraine control them? You tell me.

Oh, and here’s Billmon with the Mainstream Media Cycle of Doom.

One thought on “So the white supremacists are rising in the new Ukraine

  1. First question is whether they want to control them. The US tends to think communism = totalitarianism + militarism. Sure, Russia got into both of those in a big way, but communism itself is commune-ism. It’s an intensely egalitarian philosophy that’s officially against all forms of bigotry. That’s why they pushed for rights for women, which was barely inconceivable to most people in 1917. It was communism that put a lid on the native Russian and Ukrainian (and probably Moldovan, Belorussian, etc etc) anti-semitism and assorted other bigotries. Take the communism away, and the bigotries seem to be right where they left them. There’s a long road ahead.

    By the way, the pro-Nazi crap is mainly about thinking that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. They hate Russia, Russia fought Germany in WWII, so the Germans must be the good guys. Yeah, I know. Nuts. There has been a bit of intervening history and information. But that’s a big part of what’s going on with that particular garbage.

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