Mug shot

Rick Perry got his picture taken and was fingerprinted yesterday:



Perry was charged last Friday after a grand jury indicted him for abuse of power and coercion of a public servant. The charges stem from the Republican’s threats to veto funding for a public integrity unit after the woman heading the group was arrested for drunk driving.

The three-term governor and his legal team have said the case is nothing more than partisan politics and have vowed to fight the charges. Perry said a guilty verdict would have “a chilling restrain on the right to free speech” and would curb the veto power for both Republican and Democratic governors.

“I will not be distracted by these baseless political charges,” he vowed.

3 thoughts on “Mug shot

  1. A lot of leaders in the Democratic Party are coming to this corrupt bastards defense. Why are they doing that? For the same reason that both Democratic and Republican politicians will never reform the campaign finance system. They don’t want corrupt money to stop flowing any more than they want corrupt politicians to start going to jail. They have a vested interest in keeping a corrupt and very profitable political system in place. Screw the 99%.

  2. There are three reasons that he will beat the rap.
    1 – Texas is as stupid and corrupt as he is.
    2 – Uh. Ummm. Er.

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