When right-wingers attempt comedy

It’s never pretty. Apparently some right-wing Texas oil billionaire wants to fund a wingnut version of the Daily Show, and well, you can see for yourself how that worked out.

The only part that’s funny is when he does the extended bit about how the government didn’t fix New Orleans. Like most wingers, he never bothered to actually inform himself. If he had, he’d know that the reason New Orleans wasn’t fixed is that George W. Bush basically privatized the city after Katrina. There’s your free market for ya, pal. You won’t catch up to Jon Stewart anytime soon because you’re not as smart and informed. (And even he’s not as informed as I wish he was.)

2 thoughts on “When right-wingers attempt comedy

  1. This guy looks like Glenn Beck. Comedians are all pretty intelligent and thoughtful people. Clearly conservatives are not, so they’re bound to fail at comedy. And life in general. Which is probably why they’re so pissed off at successful liberal comedians in the first place.

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