Good news

Look at all the other drugs we’re not researching because of our backward drug laws:

In a study published this month in Translational Psychiatry, researchers have found that a drug called ketamine can help quickly reverse anhedonia in patients with treatment-resistant bipolar depression (also known as manic-depression or bipolar disorder).

Ketamine has previously been shown to help rapidly reverse other aspects of depression in a number of studies; doctors use the drug to treat patients at several hospitals around the country, although it remains illegal to possess without a prescription and hasn’t yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for psychiatric purposes. On the party drug circuit it’s sometimes called “Special K” and is abused for its anaesthetic and hallucinogenic effects.

One thought on “Good news

  1. “Flu is bigger risk than Ebola” said the headline. The fact is that Ebola has killed 1 person in the US, while the flu kills thousands every year. Our free-market based, for-profit medical system (ACA) is not only more expensive than it needs to be, it’s more inefficient than it should be. Medicare for all and vote out of office anyone who tells you that the ACA is a winner or that socialized medicine is un-American.

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