Yet another episode


Of why private industry shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near nuclear power plants:

…workers packaging the waste came across a batch that was extraordinarily acidic, making it unsafe for shipping. The lab’s guidelines called for work to shut down while the batch underwent a rigid set of reviews to determine how to treat it, a time-consuming process that jeopardized the lab’s goal of meeting the deadline.

Instead, the lab and its various contractors took shortcuts in treating the acidic nuclear waste, adding neutralizer and a wheat-based organic kitty litter to absorb excess liquid. The combination turned the waste into a potential bomb that one lab chemist later characterized as akin to plastic explosives, according to a six-month investigation by The New Mexican.

4 thoughts on “Yet another episode

  1. There’s a lot more in the link. The lid cracked causing ambient temps in the storage facility to reach 1600F. The facility had to be shut down and the remediation costs are 500 million plus. And predictably everyone involved lied while workers were exposed. Can you say “Tepco”?

  2. Private industry is only interested in profit. They are more expensive, dangerous managers to be trusted not to wantonly waste peoples lives. Privatization has always been a boondoggle designed to put public money in the hands of a few individuals.

  3. Russia agreed last week to build several nuclear power plants for Iran. If the US wasn’t so stupid it would have agreed to provide multiple renewable energy production facilities to Iran. But that would’ve pissed off the Zionists and the Saudis. Isn’t it time for everybody to quit playing games and start acting like civilized adults? Nobody should be building or using nuclear power plants.

  4. Ron, new information released today indicates that the top 1% in America will soon own as much wealth as the bottom 90%. That has never happened before in America. It’s time for a change that the 99% will believe in and the 1% won’t. But that won’t matter all that much to a soon to be non-existent tiny group at the very top.

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