Hey Ricky

Get the popcorn, kids!

A state district judge refused to throw out the criminal charges against Gov. Rick Perry, ruling Tuesday that special prosecutor Michael McCrum had been properly appointed to the case.

Perry’s legal team argued that the charges must be voided because special prosecutor Michael McCrum did not properly take his oath of office when he began working on the governor’s case, negating every act performed over the past 15 months — including the indictment accusing Perry of abusing the powers of his office.

Senior District Judge Bert Richardson disagreed.

“This court concludes that Mr. McCrum’s authority was not voided by the procedural irregularities in how and when the oath of office … was administered,” Richardson’s order said.

2 thoughts on “Hey Ricky

  1. Rick Perry is a clown and so is Rand Paul. S. 2685, the USA Freedom Act, was defeated in the Senate yesterday 58-42. Democrat Bill Nelson of Florida and Rand Paul both voted against the bill. 58 + 2 = 60. Bill Nelson has clearly lost what little mind he once had (he’s up for reelection in 2016) and Rand Paul has again revealed himself to be the right wing fraud that he is. Even Ted Cruz and Mike Lee voted ‘Yes’ to rein in the unconstitutional activities of the NSA. This country is being run by billionaire despots.

  2. Irrelevant, your honor.

    Objection sustained.

    Now if you want to talk about Perry’s new vision prescription, or whether there is even glass in those frames, that’s different.

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