Fraternities teach valuable lessons about brotherhood

Where on earth do these wacky women get the idea that fraternities promote sexual violence toward women? From Georgia Tech’s Phi Kappa Tau:

Leader: Who can take a bicycle,
Group: Who can take a bicycle,
Leader: Tear off the seat.
Group: Tear off the seat.
Leader: Impale a virgin on it, and push her down a bumpy street.
Leader: The S & M man.
Group: Oh the S & M man.
Leader: Oh the S & M man.
Group: Oh the S & M man.
Chorus: The S &M man,
‘Cause he mixes it with love,
And makes the hurt feel good
Makes the hurt feel good.
Who can take two ice picks
Stick ’em in her ears
Ride her like a Harley while he pokes her in the rear
Who can take two jumper cables
Hook ’em to her tits
Turn on the juice and electrocute the bitch

Who can go to an abortion clinic
Sneak around the back
Rummage through the dumpster and find a tasty snack
Who can take a blender
Stick it in her cunt
Turn the sucker on and purrate her little twat
Who can take some acid
Pour it on her twat
Then watch the cunt muffin rot
Who can take a bottle
Shove it up her ass
Hit her with a bat and shatter all the glass
Who can take a tight slut
Fuck her ’till she cries
Then pull it out real fast and skeet into her eyes
Who can take a chainsaw
Saw the bitch in two
Take the top half and give the bottom half to you
Who can take a razor blade
give her a nasty cut
and then use the blood to lube up her butt.

4 thoughts on “Fraternities teach valuable lessons about brotherhood

  1. Didn’t the Greek system outlive its usefulness long ago? It is as out of control as is every other busted system in this country. Included Skulls and Bones at Yale.

  2. Skull and Bones is a whole ‘nuther ball of wax, Im. Not Greek at all.

    Though a product of the corruption, not for naught does it fly the famed Jolly Roger: the Templar battle flag. Your New World Order. Bliderbergers. Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Report from Iron Mountain. The Incident on Jekyll Island. Your New World Order, a hundred years on.

    Not a “conspiracy nut”, a highly trained analyst. A fucking genius, with a Master of Science degree in Information Science and Technology.

    And one of your “noble savages”…

    Out here in the hinterlands, treatment of a woman as such would result in a like application, though no doubt rougher, punctuated by a rope, glass of gas and a match. If you didn’t get your ass shot up like a rag-doll.

    Why are the white dogs so barbaric?

  3. I’d be interested to know when those lyrics came about exactly – has that been the attitude all along? When did those sentiments become acceptable?

  4. Long time ago it became the fault of a woman, that fall of a man. Use to be that equilibrium reigned. When balance meant that men were women and women were men, both one and the same. In the time of the sacred feminine. Then the brutes slithered out of the slime and the masculine became dominant. War replaced peace and the masters ruled the weak and the desperate through fear. That time is passing, because the wheel has turned and a new cycle has emerged.

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