One thought on “In no man’s land (Christmas 1914)

  1. “And now for the rest of the story.”
    The commander of one British regiment decided that it was a grand idea to attack the German line on Christmas Eve.
    The British were cut to pieces and suffered heavy losses.
    In those days fighting wasn’t coordinated so each regiment decided when to attack and when to lay low in the trenches.
    After the massacre of his troops the British commander reached out on Christmas Day to his German counterpart and asked if his remaining troops could go out and gather up the dead. Sure said the German commander in the spirit of Christmas.
    Seeing what was going on, the British regiments on either side of the defeated British regiment decided to help out and before long the German soldiers were joining in.
    When word got back to the British generals in the rear there was hell to pay. The officers were put on report and the soldiers were reprimanded for dereliction of duty.
    The war went on apace in the days and years that followed. Until the Spanish Flu hit in 1917. Which is another very interesting story with a twist.

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