New MLK recording discovered

This is really cool news for Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday:

Pacifica Radio has revealed that its archival department – the Pacifica Radio Archives – discovered a previously unknown recording of a speech by Martin Luther King Jr. The recording was discovered last December and has been verified as the only known recording of that 62-minute speech, made in London on December 7, 1964.

The entire speech will be revealed in a broadcast of Democracy Now! at 8:00 EST on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 19, 2015. Throughout the same day, it will also be broadcast by Pacifica stations and Pacifica

The speech was delivered in London on December 7, 1964. Martin Luther King Jr. had been invited to speak on South Africa by an inter-faith Group called Christian Action. When he received the Nobel Peace Prize, he
combined his trip to Norway, to accept the honor, with a stop in London. At City Temple Hall in London, he addressed an overflowing audience with passion and humor. When speaking about South Africa, he read a prepared
written statement that called for sanctions to end apartheid. This recording is thought to be the only known record of a comprehensive public statement by King on apartheid in South Africa.

He also added the topics of the history of slavery, Supreme Court rulings, Greek philosophy, nonviolent resistance, misunderstandings about the doctrine of loving ones’ enemies, the legislative process of desegregation in America, registration of black voters, and ending bigotry throughout the planet. He spoke without written notes, as is verified by a 1:38 minute audio/video film clip that exists of the event.