Pilot: I told NBC about Williams story in 2003

Don Helus, the pilot who flew Brian Williams in Iraq, says he informed NBC in 2003 that Williams was giving a false account but got no response. Helus said the first time he became aware of Williams’ tall tale was when he was asked by a friend about Williams being on his flight; the friend then…

2 thoughts on “Pilot: I told NBC about Williams story in 2003

  1. “The first casualty of war is the truth.” Senator Hiram Johnson said that in 1918.
    The reason is probably because truth and propaganda can’t survive side by side.
    In this case NBC and MSNBC decided to report all the war propaganda that’s fit to print instead of the truth.

    The oligarchy (1%) are warmongers and profiteers.

  2. Truth is the casualty of 40 years of shameless rimming of the 1% led by Republicans, enthusiastically joined by Dems during the Clinton administration. Amerika where everything is for sale and the first thing on the auction block (after politicians) was journalistic integrity. My first assumption when hearing anyone from the 1%’s media is that every word is a lie and it’s the shame of the nation that it’s usually a good bet.

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