Why butter and cheese aren’t bad for you

In 1977, dietary guidelines were released in the U.S. and the U.K. with the aim of reducing coronary heart disease — they urged people to limit their fat consumption and avoid things like butter and cheese. But a new study claims that those guidelines were built on little to no evidence, and that we should live…

3 thoughts on “Why butter and cheese aren’t bad for you

  1. It’s like the scene in the movie ‘Sleeper.’ Everything you’ve been told is bad is actually good.

  2. Butter and cheese are far and away two of the worst things that you can eat.
    Not the butter and cheese in and of themselves, but where these two products come from.
    They come from cows, for the most part, and cows are the biggest source of pollution on earth.
    Eat more fruits and vegetables.

  3. I started noticing in the late nineties that things I had been reading about health and diet 15 years earlier were suddenly gaining legitimacy (things I had found in ordinary book stores or magazines). Usually I’d hear about them from parents, long after I had first read about them, who read about them in the MSM or heard it from a doctor, or whatever. Then within a year or two it would be common knowledge (full of common misunderstandings and gaps, but something most people are familiar with to some degree). And it would be stuff I told them about many years earlier and they dismissed as nonsense contrary to everything that was accepted or acceptable knowledge. It’s amazing how people won’t even consider things until those things have have the imprimatur of legitimacy from certain quarters. Actually, that doesn’t amaze me as the fact that the lag time still seems to be about 15 years, even well into the age of the internet. Two to five years seems more than long enough.

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