Oh boy, another oil train crash!

You’d almost think the oil industry ruled the world, since they get away so easily with despoiling it:

TORONTO — Seven rail cars were on fire in northern Ontario after a train carrying crude oil derailed late on Saturday night, Canadian National Railway said on Sunday.

The train, heading from Alberta to eastern Canada, derailed shortly before midnight about 50 miles south of Timmins, Ontario, a CN spokesman said. Canada’s largest rail operator said 29 of 100 cars were involved and seven were on fire.

“The derailment occurred in a remote wooded area and there are no reports of injuries. There is a fire at the scene,” Patrick Waldron said in an email.

Investigators from the Transportation Safety Board have been sent to the site, the agency said on Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Oh boy, another oil train crash!

  1. Along these same lines, new federal research says that small earthquakes in Oklahoma and Kansas are increasing and will lead to much larger quakes in the future.
    Scientists have linked the increasing quake activity to deep underground injections of wastewater connected to fracking.
    Since January 1, more then 200 quakes have been recorded.
    But who cares about this crap when there are profits to be made from selling and burning that fractured oil?

  2. I am beginning to suspect a shift in their Plans. If “Endangered Species” keep them from their land raping activities, and no amount of money/Lobbying is changing that, then just destroy the “Endangered Species.”

    Shift the Lobbying budget to the Fines and Penalties Contingencies column. Cost of doing business, etc.

    Problem solved.

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