4 thoughts on “Scott Walker is a colossal tool

  1. 47% of the American public wants a massive ground invasion of Iraq and Syria by U.S. combat forces to annihilate ISIS. One could come to the conclusion that these same dumb bastards might also vote for Scott Walker.
    We can thank the propaganda machine dominated by warmongers and Zionists, known as the MSM, for this stupidity.
    The FOX War Network and right wing radio tells its gullible audience that every Christian and Jew on earth will either be enslaved or killed if “Islamic terrorists” are not liquidated by any means necessary. (In 1930’s Germany the fascists delivered a similar message by calling the Jews “vermin and rats.”)
    The rest of the media (CNN, MSNBC, NYT, etc.) feeds into the war paranoia by airing videos of the men in black beheading the “innocent.” Then holding discussions with CIA, NSA, and military types who claim that Obama doesn’t understand the nature of the threat against the West posed by the “Islamic terrorists.”
    In truth Obama seems to be the only sane person in the room these days. We must stay out of the ME with our troops.
    Of course testosterone driven Scott Walker would do the exact opposite if elected president.

  2. Sub-moronic jerk? Check.
    Reality challenged? Check.
    Morally bankrupt? Check.
    Ethically vacant? Check.
    His stock is bound to rise among ‘base.’

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