2 thoughts on “Lush life

  1. Susie, Thank you, again, and then some. I’ve loved any all ‘Trane since I was 12 years old. My brother and I had a cousin who loved to drive us around to places unknown to most folks in the Detroit area in the wee hours. And back in the mid-50’s most folks were just getting into R&R, blues, etc., so-much-so that many of the really good jazz artists, like Trane, Bird, McCoy Tyner, Marcus Belgrave, and many, many others who escape me at the moment were ignored. But my cousin(s) were improvisational Jazz fans and wanted us to know about these truly great artists. Anyway, there was a bowling alley in Detroit on Dexter Avenue where Train and the others were blowing on a Friday nite at about 2:00 a.m. We were treated to such wonderful music from artist that would make you praise your Almighty because you couldn’t help but be moved unlike any other. After Trane passed so young, his wife Alice bought him back to life: it was truly transcendental stuff and when I heard HER rendition of “A Love Supreme” my whole body shook and I actually had a new and different take on life itself. DEEP, REAL DEEP, INDEED! Thank you SO much…………………………..

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