3 thoughts on “The Times is doing it again

  1. If you have any pull with the liberal blogosphere, you should coordinate a “NY Times shits the Clinton sheets”-watch, sort of a bullshit bingo/drinking game. Then heap scorn on subsequent news outlets that “fell for the NY Times’ bullshit.” You could call it “Chump’d.” Keep a running score of “greatest hits” after each eruption. After a campaign like that for a while you can write stories about their “mounting credibility problems” about how their pathological self-immolating hatred makes them get everything wrong about the Clintons. I mean, the MO is pretty well-established and this is getting a bit old.

  2. It is getting very very very very very old. And why? What for? Who would they rather have as a candidate? Bloomberg?


    I like the bingo card idea! Although it might take less than a day to fill the card up.

  3. That’s a pretty violent image, too. Classy as ever. One can only hope they lose a lot of their readership and go the way of the dinosaur like most newspapers are doing.

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