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What will happen, now that Israel has doubled down on extremism? Avigail Abarbanel:

Netanyahu really does represent most Israeli Jews even though some of them do not like him. But the reasons they do not like him are not what you expect. Most Israeli Jews identify with Netanyahu’s perception and understanding of what the rest of the world is like and of the world’s relationship with Israel. After all Netanyahu is a product of Israeli society just like I was, and believe me, when you have that kind of psychology and that incredibly effective, powerful propaganda machine all around you, it is easy to believe that what you see is really how it is… Israeli Jews have always lived in a psychological ghetto and it’s that ghetto that I got out of back in 1991.

Life will get very difficult for Jews in Israel soon enough, and many with dual citizenship will abandon ship. Those who remain will be the die-hard fanatics and zealots who are dangerous because they might have the psychology of murder suicide. I believe that before it is over, things will get really bad there and extremely dangerous. Israel will become much more fanatic and extremist than ever before with a lot less inhibitions.

I am therefore worried about the Palestinians and wonder how much more of this they could possibly take and what they can expect in the next few months and years. Israel isolating itself is more dangerous for the Palestinians because world public opinion will no longer be a moderating factor on Israel’s behaviour. And believe it or not, it did have a moderating effect. What you have been seeing so far and what Palestinians have been experiencing is not yet the worst. Gaza gives you the idea of what Israel has in mind for all Palestinians.

So the message to those of us who support the Palestinians is to get ready to escalate our support. It is about to get very very tough. With Netanyahu at the helm the end of colonialism and occupation is nigh, but it is about to get a lot worse before it gets better.

3 thoughts on “Aftermath

  1. One thing’s sure. Israel will fight to the last American and every last American dollar is spent.

  2. It would be nice to think, “who cares, they have made their bed, let them lie in it and destroy themselves”. But then I remember that we are the dog that gets wagged by the tail called Israel. I guess Armageddon isn’t so unimaginable after all.
    And can anyone explain to me why Israel is our most important ally in the middle east? Do we have military bases there? Do they control the Suez canal? Do they have oil? From the beginning, it seems like Israel as an ally has done more harm than good for US interests. At least to me. The conventional wisdom is that they are self evidently a crucial ally, but nobody ever explains why.

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