4 thoughts on “Of course

  1. You know fellas, sooner or later the constituencies on which you have waged war are going to make Romney’s 47% an understatement and at 50% you are toast. Hint: There are more than a few poor white students and you need that demographic to stay viable. Keep up the good work!

  2. Not just “poor” white families. The average white family now is a lot less able to afford college than 20 years ago when I went back to actually finished my degree, and way way less than 35 years ago when I started college (out of high school).
    Of thread, I have read about that 33 year old repuke (the hunky one who seems very gay) who is resigning over his $40K office redecorations. What’s the real story? I can’t believe that the party that let’s so may of its own get away with sex scandals (both gay and straight) and huge conflicts of interests would make him resign over that small issue. What’s the real story, or the rumor of the real story. My liberal blog reading hasn’t even made any mention of this one.

  3. Hopefully college-age students are paying attention and will get out and start voting in the mid-terms.

  4. He’s gay, but apparently not out to his parents. The reason he resigned is that the feds usually don’t pursue these cases once you’re out of office.

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