You mean they lied to us?

Farm & Gas Drilling Rig

I am so very, very shocked that they wouldn’t tell us exactly how much pollution was being pumped into the ground here:

HARRISBURG — State environmental officials didn’t account for half the waste pumped into injection disposal wells last year, a comparison with federal data shows.

The state’s injection wells took 330,000 barrels of waste left over after natural gas drilling last year, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. That’s about six truckloads a day.

The state Department of Environmental Protection only accounted for 167,500 barrels, according to its records.

That means about three truckloads of waste per day are unaccounted for in the state’s tracking system.

The discrepancy “begs the question of whether Pennsylvania should let the industry expand,” said Nadia Steinzor, eastern program coordinator for Earthworks Action, an environmental watchdog.

It kind of makes me wonder what else they didn’t tell us.

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  1. Corporations always lie. Not matter the topic. As long as there’s no penalty for perjury, one can take as a matter of faith that any statement on any topic will be a bald faced lie.

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