Kids with ADD learn better when they can fidget

Hyperactivity in kids with ADHD may not be what hurts their ability to learn, but rather what helps them cope. A new study from the University of Central Florida has found that when kids are free to fidget and squirm, they see a marked increase in the memory skills necessary for learning. The research validates what…

One thought on “Kids with ADD learn better when they can fidget

  1. Interesting study. What it means in an actual classroom with a mix of students is that grouping those learning styles together is a big mistake. Having a big fidgeter within visible range lessens the other students’ ability to concentrate and learn, and their success is important too. So this means the fidgeters and non-fidgeters should have different classes. Which could also free up teachers to tailor lessons more closely to what works for the different groups. Which costs money. So good luck with that. 🙁

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