What I did for love

Via Playbill:

Off-Broadway’s Hamilton paid emotional tribute to the surviving members fo the original cast of A Chorus Line Thursday evening on the 40th anniversary of the latter show’s opening night on the same stage where Hamilton now plays.

Upon the conclusion of curtain calls, the Hamilton cast recreated the finale of the older show’s opening number, arraying itself in a line across the stage of the Newman Theater, holding their real-life resume photos in front of their faces and singing, “Who am I anyway/Am I my resume?…”

Led by their composer/star Lin-Manuel Miranda, the Hamiltonians then performed “What I Did for Love” in its entirety for the Chorus Liners, who had been invited to attend that evening.

Here is the video:

(God, I’m old):

When I was 15 years old, I passed the audition for an off-Broadway musical. Some rich friends told me about the audition, and even gave me a ride. I remember I performed Laura Nyro’s “He’s A Runner”, and when I was done, you could have heard a pin drop. I thought that meant I was terrible.) I went home and told my mother this man wanted me to be in a show; she said, “Don’t be silly.” God, I wish I’d known enough to ignore her. There’s still nothing in this world I love as much as singing.

I often think of all the things being poor deprived me of. Better things didn’t even seem possible! What a sad thing.