Two dreams

steep bridge

1. I am on my way to a conference with my friend K. We’re stuck in traffic at the bottom of a VERY steep bridge and my friend spots a little dog who seems to be lost. She decides to stay and take care of the dog and I go on without her. I’m wondering how the car is ever going to get up something this steep.

2. I am at a conference in the woods somewhere with a bunch of dirty hippie activist types. I ask Bill Moyers if he thinks Lyndon Johnson killed Kennedy. “Oh, absolutely,” he says. Then I see Wendell Potter, who waves me over. He and Jim Hightower want to know what I was talking to Bill about, so I tell them. “Lyndon Johnson killed Kennedy? I did not know that!” Jim says. Wendell looks shocked.

The wind picks up and begins to rain hard, so we all huddle under a tarp. I stick my hand out and it doesn’t get wet. I realize it’s only milkweed, but the wind is so strong, the tiny spores are pelting us. Then I see a large black cloud blowing past on a hillside trail. I blink, and it’s really just a large evergreen the wind has uprooted. All this stuff is just blowing past, like a scene from the Wizard of Oz.

7 thoughts on “Two dreams

  1. Well, I’m glad we’ve straightened that out.
    I thought that Poppy Bush killed JFK, because he was fooling around with Barbara.

  2. It wasn’t Lyndon, it was Lady Bird Johnson. She wanted to be First Lady, and her daddy couldn’t say “No” to her.

  3. You have the most detailed dreams. and remember them! I don’t think I can remember 4 or 5 dreams from my entire life.

  4. Exactly the opposite. I dreamt I was shot once, the blood was red. The only time I remember color in a dream.

  5. No sunshine in my dreams either. Always a sort of grey twilight. Kinda creepy now that I think about it.

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