Oregon’s Lost Lake

Chuck Bednar for redOrbit.com – @BednarChuck Few places in the world are as aptly named as Lost Lake, a mysterious body of water located in the mountains of Oregon that completely vanishes once per year, disappearing through a hole in its north side, according to various recently-published media reports. As Jude McHugh, spokesperson for the Willamette…

3 thoughts on “Oregon’s Lost Lake

  1. My backyard. Can almost see it. Been fishin’ there fifty odd years.

  2. Around june usually, but like everything else, it’s about three weeks early this year. Depends on how much and when the snowpack melts. We’ve record low snowpack this winter and it’s melting off really fast, as much as six inches a day. And not all of it drains away, a corner retains about five foot of water year round.

    We’re not in as dire of straits as Cali, but is a problem.

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