How’s your internet service?

Interesting, because my Comcast internet service has been sooooooo slow lately:

Net neutrality has been a big issue in recent months, and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued new rules aimed at assuring all data is treated equally and to prevent Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from holding data speeds hostage.

But a study released by BattlefortheNet concludes that the major internet access providers in the nation–AT&T, Time Warner, Comcast, and Verizon–are indeed slowing down data in dozens of cities across the United States, which affects 75 percent of all internet users in the country.

Tim Karr of Free Press, one of the groups that comprises BattlefortheNet, remarked:

“For too long, internet access providers and their lobbyists have characterized net neutrality protections as a solution in search of a problem. Data compiled using the Internet Health Test show us otherwise – that there is widespread and systemic abuse across the network. The irony is that this trove of evidence is becoming public just as many in Congress are trying to strip away the open internet protections that would prevent such bad behavior.”

And yet these same companies are seeking to get even bigger, which would leave customers with fewer options when it comes to who provides them access to the World Wide Web. AT&T recently announced plans to merge with DirecTV. Charter Communications has also filed notice of a plan to acquire Time Warner in a deal valued at $55 billion.

4 thoughts on “How’s your internet service?

  1. Not only slow but also intermittent. My Comcast seems to disconnect at random intervals multiple times during the day. And that was after ‘upgrading’ my service. Slow, on-again-off-again connectivity AND shitty service. I’d sure like Bernie to repossess the internet from these corporations . . . for default.

  2. Where is the study, exactly?
    You just linked to a webpage asking people to write congress.
    I can’t find a copy of this study anywhere.

  3. I was happy enough with my wireless service from Clear for the last two years(not cheap, but cheaper than comcast, and not as bad about fucking with you).
    Until I got an email a few weeks ago that my services will end in a few more months.
    Seems our Justice Department has forgotten the existence of antitrust laws, and just let Verizon buy up their competition.
    I don’t know what I will do when Clear service ceases.
    I don’t think Google broadband will get here for a few more years, and by that time they will most likely be just as bad as the others.

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