Harshing your mellow?

It would be nice if eventually American-grown weed put the cartels out of business:

Next time you pick up a joint, you may want to think carefully about where it came from.

The marijuana you’re smoking is very possibly tainted by the brutality of cartels, according to New York Times bestselling author Don Winslow, who joined HuffPost Live on Thursday to discuss his most recent book, The Cartel.

“It’s always been blood weed,” Winslow told host Marc Lamont Hill.

The author explained that since states began legalizing marijuana, marijuana imports from Mexico have declined by roughly 40 percent, “because [Mexico] can’t compete with the American price and quality.” But even with that decrease, the drug trade’s continued rampant violence means recreational weed smokers should be aware of where their dope is from.

“You should know its providence,” Winslow said. “You should know where it came from because, you know, there are tractor trailor trucks of it that are coming up through Mexico every day, and a lot of that is produced by slave labor. It’s been sent to you by people who are mass murderers. … I don’t want to harsh anybody’s high, but it’s very possible that that weed you’re smoking does have blood all over it.”

2 thoughts on “Harshing your mellow?

  1. “You should know its providence,” Winslow said. “You should know where it came from…
    You think it came from Providence?
    Maybe it came from Pawtucket.
    Or even Newport.

    On a more serious note, the legal medical MJ in California has to be locally grown by the vendor.

  2. That’s what the guy’s saying: That eventually, the locally-grown, better-quality weed will put the Mexican cartels out of business — and that maybe people should speed that day up by not patronizing their products.

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