2 thoughts on “Remember that business owner…

  1. I’m all in favor of what this guy did, in principal. But he didn’t think it thru, and it seems like he was mostly looking for publicity. He could have started with 50K or 60K minimums and passed the difference out to more experienced folks who had paid their dues and now find themselves with entry level pay.
    Of course those who left may have been cutting off their noses to spite their faces. On the other hand, the company’s finances now look a lot more precarious, and if it fails those people could be looking for new jobs with that generous-salary-company on their resumes. Which I imagine could have negative impacts at some PR departments, so there might have been some wisdom in getting out early (one assumes they did not take pay cuts at their new places of employment, which really would have been dumb).

  2. How refreshing to see a christian acting in a christian way.
    That said, however, I’ve always found the parable of the workers in the vineyard to be jaw-droppingly puzzling. I think that Price could have worked out the details better.

    Many people seem to think that the $70K minimum wage is also a maximum wage. I doubt that that’s the case.

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