Carly says you people don’t deserve family leave

GOP Candidate Carly Fiorina

Unless you’re one of the highly-sought-after higher brackets, like her, and then it’s perfectly okay! The woman who destroyed HP makes me cringe:

Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina said Sunday that she would oppose a government requirement to give workers in the private sector paid maternity or paternity leave.

“I don’t think it’s the role of government to dictate to the private sector how to manage their businesses,” Fiorina told Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “For the government to tell others how to do things, when the government hasn’t gotten its basic house in order, is not only ineffective, it’s hypocritical.”

Unlike most other developed countries, the U.S. has no law guaranteeing paid leave for workers who just had a child. The Family and Medical Leave Act guarantees up to 12 weeks of unpaid time off for qualifying workers, but it’s up to employers whether or not any paid time is included.

Low-income workers are significantly less likely to get paid leave than their higher-income counterparts, and many Americans — women in particular — support the idea of a government mandate.

Fiorina, a former chief executive of Hewlett-Packard, said the decision should be left to employers. She pointed to the recent announcement by Netflix that the company would be providing up to a year of paid parental leave to argue that businesses know what’s best for themselves. (Notably, the lower-paid workers who handle Netflix DVDs are not included in the company’s expanded paid leave program.)

5 thoughts on “Carly says you people don’t deserve family leave

  1. Wow – disingenuous at best. So we’ve left it up to businesses so far – and they won’t give it to lower-income employees. So she’s just fine with the status quo.

    I didn’t realize Netflix didn’t include the lower paid employees – that’s disappointing. I think most employees would be too afraid to take the whole time off.

  2. As much as I like to see women who have managed to break through the “glass ceiling” and become successful and/or wealthy in America’s male-dominated business culture, it seems many of them only manage to do so by shedding all semblance of humanity or regard for their fellow Americans. Which is the route Carly took, it seems.

    Although totally trashing a fortune 500 company whilst personally profiting from the move is not exactly my definition of “success”. I suspect there’s at least 10000 former HP employees who would agree that she’s not the kind of “balance at the corporate level” most people refer to when they speak of desiring more women CEO’s to offset male-dominated business thinking. Becoming twice the asshole a male CEO would have been, just to offset her being automatically accepted and respected only half as much as he would have, might be personally gratifying to her, and level the playing field somewhat, but it doesn’t do squat for the bottom line if her choices and decisions are misinformed. Nor does it advance the cause of women seeking equality in the business theater. It just makes women as CEO’s appear to be WORSE than the men they supplant.

  3. Carly didn’t say women say ‘you people don’t deserve family leave’. This headline is false and dishonest.


  4. She didn’t exactly need to say “you people don’t deserve family leave”, but if you read what she DID say puts the headline in context. She’s a wealthy little thief who damned near finished off HP during her time as CEO. She’s just a simple crook who will say and do most anything to get elected. Personally, I wish the hole she crawled out of hasn’t been closed because she can just go and crawl right back in it insofar as I’m concerned.
    Oh, BTW, “false and dishonest” is her MO, not Susie’s!

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