We are in a very dangerous place in this country:

Two Boston men have been charged with assault after attacking a sleeping homeless Hispanic man and telling police that “Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported.”

The Boston Globe reports that brothers, Scott and Steve Leader of South Boston, cited the leading the Republican presidential candidate after they were arrested and charged on multiple assault charges, indecent exposure, and malicious destruction of property:

The Leader brothers were heading home after a Red Sox game when they approached a 58-year-old homeless man who was in a sleeping bag near the JFK/UMass T station. The brothers allegedly urinated on the man, punched him multiple times, and struck him with a metal pole.


The victim suffered a broken nose and bruises to his head and torso was taken to Boston Medical Center.

According to the police report filed in court, “Scott also stated Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported” and complained that he was only being arrested “because white people always are and never the minorities.”

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  1. Brother West is right. The Country needs more Jimmy Carter an less Donald Trump. And Mess Media is to blame.

  2. Well, of course we need to get rid of the 14th Amendment so all of us motherfuckers can go back to where we came from……………….Native Americans are the only people that could stay…except for Trump who is the absolutely most-foolish person to try to steal the presidency. Fuck him, feed him to the fish………………………NO WAIT, don’t pollute the lakes and streams any more than they already are!

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