I was talking to my mechanic the other night when I went to pick up my newly-inspected car, and he talked about how his elderly father had gone completely over the cliff with the right-wing bullshit. He said Obama getting elected only made the racists crazier, and Fox News makes it even worse. Seeing crap like this reminds me of how they’ve made the crazy commonplace:

2 thoughts on “Diseased

  1. Not only is crazy common place, it’s required reading for the .01%’s media. Be afraid, be afraid of everyone and everything. Keep your thoughts to yourself, keep your head down, don’t make waves or the ‘bad guys’ will getchu.

  2. In a way, the election of Obama DID bring out the crazies: the Birthers, the Islamaphobics, the KKK that has infiltrated the cops country-wide, the gun nuts who’ll shoot anything that moves—-especially if he/she is black or brown, the idiots in the House who have said “NO” to anything he proposed, and now the idiots from Ohio who are pissed that he has changed the name of a fucking mountain. Yep, the real crazy is alive and well, as is radical, unadulterated racism!

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