The frogs are turning female

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A surprising study has found that frogs in suburban lakes tend to be mostly female, and suggests that urbanization and estrogenic wastes are likely turning male frogs female. In a study published September 7 in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers sampled hundreds of young frogs from 21 ponds in Connecticut, which…

3 thoughts on “The frogs are turning female

  1. Another visible effect of sex hormones is patterns of fat deposition.

    Humans have been having weird amounts of trouble with fat deposition the past couple of decades. Not only that, but lab animals fed tightly controlled diets of pellets have also shown unexplained higher average weight.

    I doubt very much they’re using double-distilled water to make those pellets, or checking the mixtures for endocrine-disrupter contamination.

    It’s not just frogs.

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