2 thoughts on “Like a rolling stone

  1. Sweet jesus on a stick, did you see this?


    Your choice of a 2, 6, or EIGHTEEN CD set!!!

    I’ve always loved the “thin wild mercury music” period the best, but the prices on these are just insane– the 6 CD set (admittedly, with an accompanying book) is $150, and the 18 CD, book (and nine 45’s and other goodies thrown in good measure) is $599! (And it’s a limited, numbered edition of 5000, most of which have probably sold to hardcore Dylan fans already.)

    Record companies are just pure greedheads any more. I think I’ve got most of the “master” outtakes (ie., the 2 CD version) on various bootlegs, so I don’t think I’m gonna shell out for these. *If* the 6 CD version comes down to less than $100…maybe.

  2. I have to like something an awful lot to spend that kind of money — maybe one of the Beatles’ remastered sets, but I still haven’t bought it.

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